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Changwon Junam Reservoir Path

Junam Reservoir is in Changwon-si, Gyeonynam. The name actually refers to three reservoirs, Junam, Dongpan and Sannam, which are connected by water forming one wetland ecology.
When the cold wind blows each year, winter migrating birds including Baikal Teal, mandarin ducks, wild geese, and pintails stop over at Junam Reservoir. 10-20,000 birds are seen as a daily average. Hooded cranes and black-faced spoonbills can be seen here, and in winter, graceful white swans turn Junam Reservoir into a fairytale-like swan lake.
The 16.5 km bicycle path around Junam Reservoir and Sannam Reser-voir was designed to avoid environmental damage by using the exist-ing dike, orchard road, and vehicle lanes. It has no steep or difficult sections and takes only 2 hours to complete even at a relaxed pace. A good place to start the bicycle tour is the Ramsar Cultural Center, which has a free parking lot and provides information regarding the ecology, history, and function of Junam Reservoir.

Beach view with island view
Rider riding on an open bike path along the breakwater
Rider riding on the bike path between the riverside and the road
A panoramic view of an open road and flowers in full bloom next to it.
Two bicycle riders riding on a bicycle path with the sea in the background
Secluded beach scenery with Mulphy wind turbines visible
A person riding a bicycle alone on the bicycle path between the river and the road
Two children riding bicycles by the river

Getting there

  • The express bus to Changwon departs from Gyeongbu Express Bus Terminal of Banpo Islandng, Seoul, at 30-60 minute intervals between 06:00 and 19:40. The trip takes about 5 hours.
  • The KTX departs from Seoul Station for Changwon 3 times a day, for Saemaeul twice a day, and for Mugunghwa once a day. The trip takes about 3 hours.
Local bus
  • From Changwon Station, take intra-bus no. 40, 41 or 42, or town bus no. 1 or 2, and get off at the entry to Junam Reservoir.