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Paju-si on Gyeonggi Island is a 'Direct Contact Zone', and Imringak Park, built in 1972 on the south bank of the Imlin River, is a symbolic place of South-North demarcation.
From lmjingak there are views of the bridge across the lmjin River, iron fences along both sides, and Songaksan and Gaeseong in the North in the far distance. Imjingak is the starting point of the Paju DMZ bicycle tour, which runs along the Private Access Control Line (PACL) in the southern part of the DMZ. Access to this area by the general public is strictly controlled, and the bicycle tour is held on specially designated dates, generally on the fourth Sunday of each month between February and November.
The tour is open to the first 300 persons making reservations through the DMZ bicycle tour corner of Gyeonggi Peace Center (peace.ggtour.or.kr).
The DMZ bicycle tour is 17.2 km long and takes about 2 hours. A special souvenir from Paiu is given to each participant.


Getting there

  • Take the Gyeongui Line Railway from Seoul Station or Sinchon Station to Munsan Station. From there take the Munsan ~ Dorasan tourist railway and get off at Imjingak.