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Jeongyep Jeongeup-Cheon Path

Naejangsan Mountain in Jeong-eup is famous for its colorful autumn foliage. The National Park was established in 1971.
The bicycle path is 23.1 km long and runs along Jeongeup-cheon, which is a tributary stream of the Dongjin River, with crystal-clear water, splendid autumn foliage, and fantastic rock and cliff scenery. The bicycle path begins at the camping ground near the entry to Nae-jangsan National Park.


Bicycle rental

  • Jeong-eup Station (063-531-0283) has 20 MTBs which railway passengers can use for free. ID and railway ticket must be presented, and the bicycle has to be returned before 6 pm.

Getting there

  • TThe express bus to Jeong-eup departs about 20 times a day from Seoul Banpo Islandng Central City Express Bus Terminal (Honam Line). The trip takes 3 hours.
  • KTX rail to Mokpo via Jeong-eup Station departs 10 times a day from Seoul Yongsan Station. Saemaeul and Mu-gunghwa are readily accessible. The trip to Jeong-eup Station (KTX) takes 2 hours and 20 minutes.