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Local Goverments Select Routes

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Introduction To Local Bicycle Routes

Local Government Select Routes are 10 routes specially selected by professional travel writer, online travel club members, and magazine reporters from routes built by local governments all over the country.

Local Government Select Routes

01. Paju DMZ Path, 02.Woongjin Deokjeok-Do(Island) Path, 03. Okcheon nostalgia 100-ri Path, 04. Jeongyep Jeongeup-cheon Path, 05. Sinan Jeug-Do(Island) Bicycle Island Path, 06. Jeju Sunrise Coastal Path, 07. Gyeongju History-Exploring Path, 08. Gangreung Gyeongpo Lake Fresh Air Path, 09. Hwacheon Paro Lake 100-ri Fresh Air Path
  • Paju DMZ Path
    01Paju DMZ Path

    This riverside path along the Imjin River celebrates peace and freedom.

  • Woongjin Deokjeok-Do(Island) Path
    02Woongjin Deokjeok-Do(Island) Path

    A quite seaside route in a naturally-blessed resort area.

  • Okcheon nostalgia 100-ri Path
    03Okcheon nostalgia 100-ri Path

    Home of a poet with sentimental landscaping.

  • Jeongyep Jeongeup-cheon Path
    04Jeongyep Jeongeup-cheon Path

    A path across the Honam plain where General Nokdu road on horseback.

  • Sinan Jeug-Do(Island) Bicycle Island Path
    05Sinan Jeug-Do(Island) Bicycle Island Path

    An island for bicycles in an area of sweetbrier and salt crystals.

  • Jeju Sunrise Coastal Path
    06Jeju Sunrise Coastal Path

    A seaside route to enjoy all aspects of Jeju Sea.

  • Gyeongju History-Exploring Path
    07Gyeongju History-Exploring Path

    A thousand year old city of the Silla Kingdom.

  • Gangreung Gyeongpo Lake Fresh Air Path
    08Gangreung Gyeongpo Lake Fresh Air Path

    An eco-exploration path running along a crystal-clear lake.

  • Hwacheon Paro Lake 100-ri Fresh Air Path
    09Hwacheon Paro Lake 100-ri Fresh Air Path

    Enjoy diverse screnic landscapes while riding by the water.