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Sinan Jeug-Do (Island) Bicycle Island Path

Sinan Jeung-Do (Island) has been called a treasure island, because a Chinese treasure ship with tens of thousand of pieces of ceramic ware was found in the ocean nearby. The treasures of this island also include salt fields, sea pine forests, and wetlands with fish and small octopuses.
In Jeung-Do (Island) everything is as slow as if time had been sus-pended. The forest changes slowly and the lifestyle of residents is slow. Tourists who visit Jeung-Do (Island) should also slow down to achieve relaxation of mind and body. Jeung-Do (Island) is best expe-rienced on foot or bicycle.
The 30 km long coastal route along the sea with its many curves is a bicycle route without parallel. Along it are such attractions as the Taepyeong Salt Field, Hanbando Sea Pine Forest Woojeon Beach, Ggamddungeo Bridge, and Treasure Island Observatory. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises and splendid ocean views can be enjoyed at the Treasure Island Observatory area.


Bicycle rental

  • Bicycle Rental in Jeung-Do (Island) Office (Coastal road side at the entrance to Kkgandungeo Bridge, Contact ready)
  • Eldorado Resort (061-260-3300)

Getting there

Gwangju → Jeung-Do (Island)
  • The direct bus to Jeung-Do (Island) from Gwangju Terminal departs 3 times a day (05:45, 08:30, and 13:00). The trip takes 2 hours.
Seoul → Jido
  • The express bus to Jido leaves once a day (16:20) from the Central City Express Bus Terminal (Honam Line)
Jido → Jeung-Do (Island)
  • The local bus to Jeung-Do (Island) departs 5 times a day (08:30, 09:00, 12:30, 17:00, and 18:00) from the Jido terminal