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Happy Routes

Happy safety riding with bicycle sharing happiness

Cycling by Ara waterway where the promises of thousand years flow


Cross - Country Cycling Road starts at Incheon West Sea lock gate informing 'the Great Voyage'.
This 21km of ARA bicycle path, known as 'the fantastic cycling road' by the riders and Gyeong-ln ARA waterway that brings West Sea and HANGANG (riv.) together, are located side by side. Unlike most other bicycle path made by paving a weir or connecting already existing streets, ARA Bicycle Path is designed to be a road for cycling only from the beginning, allowing the road to be straight without any sharp curve or hill. There are also a number of perfect places for riders to relax on the way.

남한강 자전거길 안내 이미지1
남한강 자전거길 안내 이미지2
남한강 자전거길 안내 이미지3
  • Course
    ARA West Sea lock gate - ARA HANGANG lock gate
  • Total Distance
  • Estimated Time
    1hr 30min